Selections for Your Home – What to Expect!
July 10, 2018    POSTED IN  Character RichWhat to Expect

So, you have the perfect home site for your perfect floor plan. Now, what happens next?!

It’s time to meet our designer, Sandy Sipes, and work through all of the selections for your new home.

This is where the rest of your home really comes to life and begins to become a reflection of your own tastes and styles!

Have you been pinning your dream home ideas like crazy to Pinterest and Houzz? Have you looked at our albums on our Facebook page and fallen in love with another home we have done?!


If not, that’s ok too! Sandy has over 20 years of experience in the design industry and is here to reassure you that your home will reflect your personal style.

Many people wonder how long this part of the process takes. Well, it just depends! Do you already have everything picked out in your head and could go right to it in our design studio, or is this all a whirlwind to you? In either case, our goal is to work you through your thoughts and ideas in about a month (give or take of course!).

Your first appointment with Sandy will be at our Design Studio in Downtown Greenfield.

During this appointment, Sandy will guide you through your home, room by room, while decisions on finishes, reviewing the included items, and answering any questions you might have. Her goal is to help you select features you love while keeping in mind the balance of budget and design. By the end of this appointment, we have a great rough draft of the selections for your new home.

While you work through the rooms, you may not have a clear vision for the space. Sandy will start with an item in each room where you have a definite opinion and then work from there to create the rest. For instance, are you sure that you want painted white cabinets in the kitchen? But, maybe you’re not sure how the rest will come together? Don’t worry – you don’t have to know that just yet! That’s why we’re here! Sandy knows just what works with each choice and we have plenty of familiar vendors from which to choose – Shaw, Emser Tile, Cambria, Mohawk, and Sherwin Williams, just to name a few.

Every customer is pretty sure they are her hardest customer! The fact is that she loves them all and she’s definitely been accused of loving every home. Sandy says, “It’s almost like children! There is room for all of them in my heart! I love something special about each one of them!”

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you are design enthusiast or you have never heard of HGTV. Sandy can’t wait to help make your dreams come true!