Prepare Your Home for Summer 2022
April 29, 2022    POSTED IN  @ HomeHome


With Memorial Day approaching, that tends to give the mark that summer is right around the corner. Aside from (obviously) decorating your house with Indy 500 Race decor, here are some other tips for preparing your house for the upcoming summer. 

Clean gutters and drains – A good summer rain can be very relaxing, don’t let the calming rain be ruined by allowing unwanted moisture in your house.

Do routine HVAC maintenance – HVAC systems play a vital role in keeping your home cool in the scorching summer heat. Make sure to have these inspected before the heat hits. 

Basic landscaping – With the hot weather approaching, don’t wait until it’s 90 degrees out to get your landscaping done. 

Inspect the exterior – Make sure to check the exterior of your house, such as your roof. Make sure no damage happened during the winter season. 

Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – Even if you don’t hear the annoying chirping the detectors start to make when they need a new battery or maintenance, be sure to check them! Accumulated dust can prevent these from working the way they should. 

Clean your refrigerator coils – Refrigerators can cause high energy usage when the coils are dirty. To ensure your food is being cooled properly and efficiently, make sure to clean the coils. 

Aside from this checklist, don’t forget to clean out your grill, clean the outdoor cushions, pick up a few outdoor games, and stock up on bug spray and sunscreen to ensure you’re ready for summer evenings. Make sure to get these summer checklist items completed to make sure your house is ready for all the things that summer brings. 

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