New Home Inspiration – Lanterns
November 27, 2011    POSTED IN  Home

We’ve been searching for some inspiration for our new house. Character is very important to us and we’re excited to make this house feel like home.

While visiting family in Ohio over Thanksgiving, Tom spotted one of these lanterns with an aqua globe in his Grandmother’s basement and was instantly smitten. His grandmother said she knew we didn’t have any lanterns yet, so we could pick a few if we wanted, which we absolutely did. We found another lantern back in Grandpa’s workshop that he didn’t get a chance to clean up before he wasn’t able to do those things any longer. Tom loved it because of the cage around the globe and because it gave him a chance to work on a project. We switched out the clear globe for another aqua globe. He told hi grandmother, and me a few times after we left, how he was so excited because he finally had a plan for our hearth room.




Notice the pewter? This has made us reconsider going with pewter door handles in the house. We originally thought pewter and switched back to black. Now, we’re back to pewter.

Inspiration is an awesome thing. We talked last night and have decided to add a fireplace to the room and probably panel the room as well. We’ll paint the paneling a darker color and orient the sofa and some side chairs to take in the fireplace and the views out back. We’ve been struggling with a way to give that area character and make it different from the rest of the house.

I have grand intentions for this room. That’s the special thing about building a house. You get to build your hopes and dreams into the house. It’s up to you to make it a reality. We’re on our way to making it happen…