Joyner Homes Team Spotlight – Mitch Hargett
July 24, 2020    POSTED IN  About UsHome


Today I want to introduce you to our New Home Specialist, Mitch Hargett.

How long have you worked at Joyner Homes?
4 days

What do you do at JH? Sales Specialist

If you could switch jobs with someone in Joyner Homes, who would it be? Why?
Emily, because I also enjoy taking input from customers and visualizing would they describe as likes, and put it into a design.

What 3 words would you use to describe Joyner Homes?
Integrity, design, customer satisfaction

What do you do when you’re not at work?
COVID bucket list: go to movies
Reality:  Referee children and separate them when needed.

What random facts can you share with us? A cricket’s ears are on it’s tibias. Credit: my last Snapple cap

Are you messy or organized? Functionally messy by nature.

What’s your favorite outside activity?  Driving a waverunner.

If you could change something about today’s youth, what would it be? Alternately, what excites you about today’s young generation?
Unfortunately, it feels like most high school students think they need to go to college to be “successful” and trying to reach their parents level of success overnight.  There are no short-cuts.  I think as a society, we have come full circle in terms of job opportunities favoring the skilled trades.  These professions pay very well and young adults can start earning while they’re learning.  There lies the hope for this generation as well.  I would encourage them to put the phone down once in a while and learn how to do something with their hands.  (Also thanks to this generation for teaching me how to use my phone, lol!)

What would you tell your 13-year old self? Slow down and enjoy the now! Don’t waste your time trying to impress anyone who doesn’t really know you but show love to everyone.

How do you define success?
By keeping these priorities in order regardless of situation.

  1.  Faith
  2. Family
  3. Career
  4. Everything Else!


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