Home Redefined: Part 5 – The Reveal!
June 20, 2018    POSTED IN  Customer CommentsHome RedefinedSummerset

Home Redefined is a series of posts about Jenn and Lexi, a high energy, creative, adventurous, fearless mother daughter duo. We had the honor of building their dream home in Summerset and we are just as excited as they are! We wanted to capture their building experience through a blog series. They have a very special story and relationship. You can start from the beginning with the first post in the series – Home Redefined: Part 1.

This is the final post in the Home Redefined Series!

Right from the start you could see that Lexi has that independent spirit about her & already knew how things would be in her space.  Jenn has the cool attitude and easy way of communicating that made Lexi’s space a possibility. They both have the love & desire to make each other feel heard that makes it all work & become reality.  We loved adding a special memory as the cherry on top!

Here’s the Flashback……

At the beginning of their homebuilding journey, during a selections appointment, Lexi mentioned how cool it would be to have a reveal moment!


She said, “Wouldn’t it be fun to ‘Move that Bus!’”

Well, you can’t let a chance like that slip by without at least trying, right?!?  So, we started nurturing a plan to surprise Lexi with her new home.  Lexi was to be involved until a certain stage of the home & then she wouldn’t visit the house anymore.  Setting us up to do a big reveal before they moved in.

{the pitch}

Once we had Jenn’s approval, we went to dinner and presented “the plan” to them both.  They agreed to let us ask questions and blog about their experiences along the way.  (You really should start from the beginning!)


There wasn’t a moment to waste! We went shopping immediately (Can you see us dropping our sandwiches & running? ????).  We looked at artwork, fabric, accessories – brainstormed, discussed, laid things out until we were exhausted.

Lexi kept trying out chairs, suspicious…????

Jenn checking out the bedding options

Our inspiration table!

{change of plans}

After the window shopping bonanza came the hardest part…the waiting.  (Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock) It proved a little too difficult to keep Lexi in the dark on the house.  Most parents are worried about their teens sneaking out of the house, not into the house!  She just couldn’t stay out of the house!  Since the progress of the house wasn’t going to be a surprise now to Lexi…change of plans.

We regrouped with Jenn and made a new plan.  Really stage Lexi’s room, beyond the few things we had originally discussed.  Jenn began to make purchases that we helped keep hidden from Lexi.  We were back on track for a reveal. ????

{reveal day}

Surprising an intrigued & excited teen isn’t easy!  Jenn let us know when they were going to move their things & Lexi would be gone.  But, she had to keep telling Lexi no – no, you can’t come home for lunch – (unsaid – they just started on your room!)


No, honey, you can’t reschedule your appointment to come home…(because they’re hanging up everything in your room!)


No, no, no…with each rejection the tension grew!  We knew she wouldn’t be able to hold her off much longer! Almost there!

Walls looking good!


TIME IS UP!  We can hear her downstairs, but she’s not coming up…NOW she wants to take her time – Jenn has to MAKE her come upstairs! HAHA



Taking it all in…Sweet girl with a big heart!


A big thanks to Sandy for putting together a video highlighting the BIG REVEAL!

Thank you to everyone that helped!  Family & Friends and Joyner Homes team, these awesome results were possible because you took time to lend a hand & give Lexi a fantastic moment!

Thank you Jenn for letting us be part of this chapter of your lives.

Lexi, we know your heart is full of good.  Keep helping others & stay strong in who you are!