Home Redefined: Part 2 – Dining with Mimi, Dutchie & Marilyn Monroe
September 18, 2017    POSTED IN  Customer CommentsHome RedefinedSummerset

Home Redefined is a series of posts about Jenn and Lexi, a high energy, creative, adventurous, fearless mother daughter duo. We had the honor of building their dream home in Summerset and we are just as excited as they are! We wanted to capture their building experience through a blog series. They have a very special story and relationship. You can start from the beginning with the first post in the series – Home Redefined: Part 1.

This is the second post in the Home Redefined Series!

As Jenn and Lexi’s home moves along in the construction process, we thought it might be a good time to start thinking about all the fun things that are to come once they are moved in and settled. So, over a picnic, in their new kitchen and dining area, we asked them “if you could host a dinner party at your new home with a guest of honor for each of you, who would it be?” Their answers may surprise you, but the randomness of their answers definitely won’t if you are familiar with these two! I hope I’m invited!

{If you were hosting a dinner party at your new home, what one person would each of you invite, dead or alive? – Your guest can be anyone! } 

“Apparently neither of us can follow directions well. You said ONE person. HA!! I would invite my Nana & Papaw, Mimi & Dutchie. Lexi would invite her Uncle Dave, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Robinson may have come up. ”


{Why did you pick them?}

Jenn– “I miss them and big family dinners was something I remember doing with them all. I would love to have one more at my house. I know they do “see” even though they aren’t here with us every day, but I would like to show them what I have tried to accomplish. I think they would be proud, but a little extra reassurance on any given day helps.”

Lexi– “Uncle Dave was the one part of my past that I do miss. He took care of me often when no one else would. I miss him a lot and want him to see that I am doing good.
I JUST LOVE Marilyn Monroe!!! Did you know we share a birthday?? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HER!!! And Jackie Robinson is awesome too! I have done school reports on him. Gone to a play about him and his movie 42 is one of my favorites. ”

{What would you serve? – would you have it catered? Would you stick to your famous spaghetti and brownies?!}

Jenn– “I would make Lexi grill!! She is GREAT at grilling!!!!  And then I wouldn’t have to do much. HA! I would make homemade mac n’ cheese, Caesar or Greek salad, fresh rolls, grilled corn on the cob and cherry cheesecake. Lexi would make her brownies too. Cheese ball and shrimp dip for appetizers (In honor of Nana!!!)

If it had to be last minute quick and easy – Beef stroganoff in the crockpot and crescent rolls.  Probably a few wine options as well. ;0)”

Lexi– “I would TOTALLY grill. I love to grill. And I’ve got some mad grilling skills.  LOL! I’m also good at brownies.”

{Would you invite any family and friends or would you keep it to you two and your guests of honor?}

Jenn & Lexi– “We would invite everyone!!! Definitely make it a party! Family, friends, everyone. Lexi would probably invite random strangers too. HA!”

{How would you decorate your table?}


{What do you think would be the topics of conversation?}

Jenn & Lexi– “OH LORD ONLY KNOWS WITH US!!!!!  Lots of laughs!!! Lots of OMG moments.  Nothing would be off limits or out of topic. Probably, not your “normal” topics of conversation. More than likely 12 different conversations going on at once. Would never be a quiet moment. Never have a dull moment. Lots of fun and loud!!!”

I have no doubt that this dinner party would not have a dull moment! We can’t wait to see all the adventures these two have with their new home. And, we know the building process with this family will be a fun adventure too! Who would you invite to your dinner party?

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