Home Redefined: Part 3 – Bless This Home
November 8, 2017    POSTED IN  Customer CommentsHome RedefinedSummerset

Home Redefined is a series of posts about Jenn and Lexi, a high energy, creative, adventurous, fearless mother daughter duo. We had the honor of building their dream home in Summerset and we are just as excited as they are! We wanted to capture their building experience through a blog series. They have a very special story and relationship. You can start from the beginning with the first post in the series – Home Redefined: Part 1.

This is the third post in the Home Redefined Series!

As Jenn and Lexi’s house moves along to the next phase of construction, we took a couple afternoons to have them write blessings on the framing of their home. Home blessings are typically quotes, bible verses, etc. that are important to you or you just really like. This was an easy project for these two. They love quotes and were more than prepared. Follow along as we discuss this process and the meanings behind some of the blessings they chose.


{What was your favorite blessing or quote and why?}

Lexi – Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.  This is my favorite because family is something I never really had. I do now. From momma, grammy and poppy to all of our friends. Stamms, Schacherers, my four “moms” from vacations,Wendy, everyone is my family and I love them. And I know that I have really tried my momma’s patience and she should have walked away many times, but she never does. I know she loves me no matter what. THAT is what a family is and why I keep reminding myself to always be grateful.

Jenn – May your walls know joy; may every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility. It is my favorite because we should all strive to have this. Life is not easy and some days it is harder and/or a little less positive than others. But if you start in your home it will send you out into the real world with a step in the right direction and it gives you the piece of mind that you always have a safe place to come back to. This house is the foundation of our life. It is our future. If it isn’t a happy place and we don’t open our eyes (or windows) to the future and better days and possibilities, then we stay in the negative and the past.

{How did you go about picking out your blessings/quotes and was it hard to narrow them down?}

We collect quotes for everything. I believe it is a friendly reminder of how you want your day to go, how to get yourself out of a “funk”, how to see light at the end of the tunnel, etc.  I have quotes literally everywhere. It was hard to narrow them down only because we could have covered every board in the house. HA!!!



{Why did you choose the blessings/quotes that you used? Did any of them have special meanings to you?}

As many things in our life go, there wasn’t necessarily a lot of rhyme or reason!  We liked them, we wrote them. We can quote anything from famous athletes, songs, books, etc. We both LOVE Dr. Seuss so anything from him is a favorite of ours. In fact, we need some more Dr. Seuss in this house when it is finished. Our last ones were literally painted on ourwalls and steps. Need to find a couple of new “pictures” of Dr. Seuss quotes since they aren’t on our walls anymore.

{What was your favorite part of writing your blessings/quotes all over your framing?!}

Lexi – Finding different quotes to go with different rooms.  Like “Shut the Front Door” is something we always say when we are trying to make a point and instead of saying. NO WAY! or ARE YOU KIDDING?  So putting that above the front door was funny to us.  I also just liked getting to write on all the wood.

Jenn – I liked knowing that there was a “blessing” in each room. Made it seem like it had a little more of “us” in it before it becomes our home. I liked watching Lexi really think about what to put where. She is a bit spontaneous and very impulsive! Watching her really think about things that meant something not just to her, but me and even the dogs (yes there are dog quotes where she thinks the dogs should have their stuff) made me smile.

We are so excited to follow Jenn and Lexi’s new home journey. Continue with this post to learn more about this amazing family and to see their completed home!