Home Pricing 101 – Floor Plan
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Floor plans will be the topic of discussion today! On one of our popular floorplans, you can choose the following options for about the same price!

– Unfinished Basement -OR-

– 3rd car garage, Veranda, Granite Countertops, Fireplace, Tile Floors in Bathrooms, Engineered Hardwood in the Living/Kitchen/Dining/Veranda

Wow! That’s quite a few features that you could add in if you decide a basement isn’t a must.

Here are some other comparisons where you can save in some areas to spend more in others:

Crawl space vs slab – A crawl space is an extra cost with no real benefit. Many people are looking for a zero entry into your home (no steps.) A crawl space (or basement) will require at least 2 steps up into a home.  The benefits of a slab is no animals/mold/steps into the home.

2000 SF Ranch vs 2000 SF Two Story – Ranch costs more because of the roof and extension of foundation. It costs less to build up, more to build out.

Unfinished Basement vs Finished Bonus Room – The basement debate again ….. Finished bonus room is livable square feet …. and approximately $17,000 less expensive!

Main Floor Master vs Second Floor Master – Benefits of second floor master is that you will be closer to kids, private area separated from common area, more money to spend on other areas of the home. Main floor benefit is having your own space away from kids!!! And convenience of not having to climb stairs.

Quartz vs Granite – Similar in pricing, but quartz typically costs more. Do you want a countertop that doesn’t need to be sealed? Quartz is your answer. Or … do you want a unique slab of granite? You really can’t go wrong with either of these.

Painted Trim or Stained Trim – Stained trim is MUCH more than painted trim. Staining is a more labor-intensive process. Also, you normally choose a more expensive wood (oak or cherry) to stain than you would to paint (pine, poplar) Could you think of a few other ways to spend approximately $15,000?!

Is it all starting to make sense in your head? There are so many variations that you can put together to assemble the home of your dreams that can fit within your budget. If you would like to see samples of floor plans, head over HERE and check them out! Feel free to call the office at 317.468.2330 or CONTACT US  if you have any questions.