Home Pricing 101 – Finishes
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Happy Friday! Welcome to the final portion of Home Pricing 101, the Finishes. Here we will discuss some more ways that you can choose how to spend your dollars. You have the option of choosing from the standard level of cabinets, flooring, and countertops that come with the base price of a Joyner Home, or upgrading to a higher quality. No matter which level you choose, all are great options that we have fully vetted and that are high quality. None are “cheap” – they are all smart. Here at Joyner Homes, we focus on character rich, smart design. We have researched all of our products to include those features. See below some surprising ways to save a few dollars.

Grout – Who loves cleaning grout!!?? No one! Choose vinyl floors and you have no grout to clean, there are many cool patterns, and there is a Luxury Vinyl Plank that can give you the look of tile without the hassle of grout.

Vinyl Windows – no maintenance, better energy efficiency

Basements – If you’re like our girl, Becca, who we all found out the night of the Pricing Event is terrified of tornadoes, the $50,000 basement is totally worth it! But if you decide on a slab foundation, you don’t have to worry that every time you open the basement door that you will have an indoor swimming pool when the power to the sump pump is somehow disconnected. Just some points to ponder. Slabs also have no bounce when your rambunctious kids or grand kids are jumping and running around. But how does the plumping work!? Plumbing comes up through the slab just as it does in the slab foundation of your basement. Plus, there are many new technologies to eliminate massive inconveniences if you do end up having a leak. Bonus — if you have a leak under your slab, it goes into the ground …. not into your basement.

Your head may be spinning if this is all new information to you. This is all good information, intended to let you know where you can spend less in some areas, allowing you to spend more in others. The encouraging thing about building with Joyner Homes is that the finishes of a home are generally only 25% or so of the price of building a new home. The remaining 75% is the bones — we build the bones the same on all homes — no matter if it’s a $250,000 home or a $1.2 million home. You are not sacrificing quality. You may choose to build a home with all included features, no upgrades, and we’re happy to build that for you. Rest assured, we don’t skimp on the 75%!

Below you will find a list of items that are included in the Base Price of All Joyner Homes :

  • Structural Components – we do many things like floor system and truss design, walls are sheathed in OSB, use House Wrap, 5 star energy home
  • Interior Finishes – even our included features – dimensional shingles, high quality vinyl floor, cabinets are far superior, not builder grade carpet
  • 2 Hose Bibs
  • Upgraded “Included” Flooring and Lighting
  • Plywood Exterior Sheathing
  • 5-Star and Energy Star Construction (3rd Party Consultant)
  • Gas Run to Homes (Furnace is Gas)
  • Schlage Door Hardware
  • Delta Faucets (Upgraded)
  • Painted Wood Trim (Not MDF)
  • Front Porches
  • Attics with Pull Down Stairs (On most plans)
  • Drywalled/Painted Garages
  • Insulated Garage Doors with Openers and Windows
  • 9’ Ceilings on Main Level
  • 16’ Wide Driveways
  • Landscaping Package
  • Premium Floor Systems (Joists
  • 30 Year Dimensional Shingles (Roof)
  • “LP Smart Side” Siding and Trim (Not Vinyl)
  • Patios
  • Water Softener Rough In
  • Laundry Sink Rough In
  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • Premium Vinyl Windows
  • Fiberglass Entry Doors
  • 6” Gutters
  • Cultured Marble or Cultured Granite Vanities
  • 12” to 10” overhangs (Minimum)
  • 8:12 Roof Pitch (Minimum)
  • Built-In Cubbies in Mudroom
  • Cabinet Hardware included

Questions? Comments? Call our office at 317.468.2330 or EMAIL …….. and if you have a few minutes, browse our floor plans HERE.