Getting Started
July 24, 2012    POSTED IN  Home

Isn’t getting started on a long project one of the hardest parts? It usually is for me. Sometimes, I’ll just tell myself to start working on something and if I’m not engaged within 10 minutes, I’ll let myself stop and move onto something else. Then, it never fails, two hours have gone by and I’m almost done.

It’s really not too different when deciding to build a home. One of our newer customers experienced this when they decided to just “see what happened” when they listed their home. A few days later, they had an awesome offer and a few short weeks later, they were moved into a temporary home waiting to build their next home with us!

While designing and building a new home may seem like a huge undertaking (and it is!), it’s like anything else in life. When broken down into small pieces, it’s all much more manageable and can actually be {*gasp*} FUN! Designing a plan, selling your current home, finding transitional living space and making selections for the home are all small parts that will leave you with a beautiful, new home! Check out the exterior rendering of the next home we’ll be starting within a few short weeks.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s really easy to just get started. Really. Only 10 minutes! You can just email Tom and set up a quick tour of our model home. If you’re not excited after 10 minutes, no big deal. 🙂