March 14, 2014

This is a post in a series following construction of THE LOOKOUT. If you would like to see the construction of this home from the ground up, just start here!

Once we were able to get started, the framing moved along quite nicely! The basement was finished up in the last post and we were beginning to head up to the first floor. In fact, the framers were so quick about getting the first floor finished, we didn’t even get a change to take a photo before they finished up! And, you’ll even notice that the windows are installed!

If you’ve been in Indiana this winter, you can appreciate the beautiful, blue sky! Now, if the temperatures would just increase a tiny bit, we’d be all set!

Inside the home…

Making a place for the fireplace in the Great Room.

I believe this is the back porch area.

And, one last view of the outside!

Next up will be the interior electrical and plumbing runs which may not make for good pictures, but is certainly an important aspect of any new home! Stay tuned!

Continue to follow the progress of this home! Here’s the next post!