July 17, 2020


We have sold our Summerset model home, which puts us out of a model home for now! We had planned to use our Showcase Home for awhile once it was complete, but it just sold, also! Lisa and Becca have been selling houses like hotcakes! We are in the works of getting our model home started out at The Boulders. So how do we show you what we’re made of with no model home to walk into!? We have a boatload of homes under construction right now, from design-build to several different floor plans. We can tour any of those homes until the owner takes possession. The added bonus is seeing what a home actually looks like while under construction! We also have a PLETHORA of photos that you can scour through or we can direct you towards.

So what’s the protocol now that we don’t have a home for our New Home Sales Specialists to work out of? They will be here in the office, which is perfectly fine, because you can also take a look around the Design Studio at that time if you want.

Just head down to our office at 123 W Main St in Greenfield to talk to Lisa or Becca about the process of building a home with Joyner Homes! Fill out a Customer Worksheet to get started and Lisa or Becca will get in touch with you!