November 25, 2011

I saved a screenshot of the weather forecast mid-week last week. Not great for construction weather!

However, we trudged forward through the rain and mud.

11/15/11 – Tom got this picture of the walls with all of the forms gone. This was likely when they were waterproofing and insulating the walls which happened over the 15th and 16th I think.

11/17/11 – We put up a Joyner Homes sign in the front area. Even though we’ve built 36 homes at Timber Run, this is our first as Joyner Homes. Momentous occasions around here call for pictures with kids. Doesn’t she look like she’s ready for work?

11/17/11 – Underslab plumbing was started and ended. This is a picture of the work in progress.

11/18/11 and 11/21/11 – The green plate boards went in. This is the first of the lumber to go in the house and is the base of the framed walls. In the county, an inspection has to be done once this is complete and before the rest of the walls are built. This is different than we do in the city. Either Monday or Tuesday, the inspector came out and did an inspection on the green plate and the poured foundation walls. There was also the under-slab plumbing inspection sometime during this time frame. Here is a photo of the green plate all done! See why it’s called green plate?

11/21/11 – 11/22/11 – The concrete crew came in and backfilled with pea gravel. This was to prepare for Wednesday…

11/23/11 – The slab was poured!!!!! I don’t know why this seems like such a major event, but it sure does. We were already on our way back to Ohio when this happened so I haven’t been able to see it. But, our superintendent sent us a picture. I can’t wait to go and walk in our basement!

I don’t think anything major is happening today. Up next week will be lumber delivery and possibly the framers will get started. By getting the slab in already, I think we’ve escaped the first of the weather issues. But, I’ll still be happy with a mild December!

– Sara