Bathroom Remodel On A Budget
August 28, 2019    POSTED IN  Home

Photo by Andrea Davis from Pexels

If you are in the market to do a little bathroom facelift, where should you begin? I’m no expert, but I have done my fair share of remodeling. I have lived in a house built in 1840, and currently living in one built in 1900 …. the next home I live in will be a brand new Joyner Home! 🙂  Even then, I wonder if I’ll get the itch to remodel at some point? (sidepoint : definitely be sure to figure the costs of all of the remodeling and upgrades you plan to do against the cost of building a new home …. click here for a post about the truth about new homes.)

I’ve almost completed another remodel, the kids’ bathroom ….. Maybe you have just grown tired of a look, or you are planning to sell your home sometime soon, so you’re looking to update a room on a small budget. With my old-home remodel knowledge (we did sell our old home in 24 hours!) , hopefully this will give you a little inspiration!

PAINT. If a room needs a fresh boost, or an update, this can typically be accomplished with a fresh coat of paint. Think about what colors bring you joy, what kind of light you have in the bathroom, and choose from there. If it’s a small room, and you have decent natural light, a white or light color will work best. Save darker colors for larger rooms that have lots of really bright light.

FIXTURES. You can update lights, towel racks, toilet paper holders, drawer pulls, etc … all pretty inexpensively. These updates can drastically change the look of the room.

FLOORING. If you have really old, dingy laminate flooring, you can probably replace the flooring for a fairly inexpensive cost. After working here for awhile, I learned about luxury vinyl plank, and I just had this installed in my laundry, kitchen, and bathroom. It looks great, was a small investment, and I feel good about the purchase. I have three kids and a dog, one kid that likes to rollerblade and hoverboard in the house …. this stuff is supposed to withstand it all!

WINDOWS. Ditch the cheap, plastic blinds … Opt instead for shades that you can easily pull down in the evening.

These few things can make a drastic change to your bathroom! Do all the work yourself, and you’ll save even more money. Are you interested in just starting from scratch all the way around? Have the new home bug? Head over to our BLOG and look around …. fill out our Customer Worksheet to get the process started or stop and talk to Emily or Lisa at our model home!