Aspen Peaks – Foundations & Framing
November 20, 2014    POSTED IN  Home

Another home is underway! The Aspen Peaks will be a great new home for this family! First, an official groundbreaking photo to get things started.

Then, the real work begins with silt fence and the gravel drive. What a beautiful day!

Next up – the digging!

And then, the footers are poured.

And, a few basement walls.

And, finally, it’s time for lumber and framing!

Thankfully, a little rain doesn’t scare away the framers!

Once the walls are up, the home really begins to take shape!

Windows and doors are up next.

Then, the framers get started on the siding.

Meanwhile, on the inside, electrical and mechanical rough-ins are underway and drywall is delivered.

Next up will be drywall and the most exciting part – Check out the Final Photos!