9 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know about Joyner Homes!
July 25, 2018    POSTED IN  Home

It’s fun learning new things! And, it’s in that spirit that we bring you, “9 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Joyner Homes!”

#1 – Everyone who works here lives in Hancock County or so close they still call it home! We love our community & we show it by our support of the local economy, philanthropic organizations, churches & schools. In fact, we love our local community so much, we recently added it to our Vision Statement.

#2 – Joyner Homes celebrated 12 years in business in 2018! Tom and Sara started Joyner Homes in 2006 and have been going strong ever since. Learn more about how and why we got started!

#3 – Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds. Collectively, we have 6 different College Degrees and have held MANY, MANY more jobs along the way. Among us are a Mechanical Engineer, a Hospitality & Tourism Manager, an Interior Designer, a Construction Manager, an Accountant, a Personal Trainer, a banker, and a Landscape Architect. And, those are just jobs we’ve had since high school!

#4 – Almost everyone here is a transplant from another state!

We hail from Ohio, New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, California, Missouri, Michigan, and Colorado – either by birth or by different residences along the way.

#5 – Joyner Homes currently builds in three counties – Hancock, Henry, & Shelby Counties!

#6 – Our office in Downtown Greenfield used to be a Service Station & Auto Parts Store. Don’t you love Before and After photos?!



#7 – We are musically talented – we play the piano, guitar, saxophone, percussion, choir, flute, banjo, and probably even more! Some of us even share our gifts with others on stage!

#8 – The outdoors is our favorite! Browse through some of our Meet Us pages and you’ll find pictures of skiing, fishing, hiking, gardening, running, and all kinds of other ways of recognizing the beautiful creation around us.

#9 – As of this post on July 25, 2018, we have built or are building 164 homes! What an honor it has been to play a part in the lives of so many people who have chosen us to build their home!

Well, did you learn something new?! 😉