1357 Lela Lane – 04/25/2012
April 25, 2012    POSTED IN  Home

This will likely be my second-to-last update. The landscapers are outside right now finishing up the grade, planting the plants and getting ready for sod and seed. So, I’ll likely put one more out there once that’s finished.

We left off with a lot of the interior finishes happening. That’s where we’ll pick back up again.


Outside, the cedar trusses were stained first, then the paint began. Martha Stewart Seal (Dark) & Flagstone (light) are the two colors we used. Along with Tailor’s Chalk for the trim color. The driveway also went in which we were very happy about since we had unseasonably great weather.








The decking was finished up too. We thought we were going to do these solar caps but one stopped working within a week so those are out. We’ll find something else!


Here’s a full view of the kitchen.

We debated long and hard about which tile to use as the backsplash. We even did a Facebook poll. The dark won out in the poll and is what we ultimately chose.

The master shower turned out super cool!

Carpet went in at some point. We let the kids pick their colors. I swear the walls in this room are painted gray. They just look purple because of the crazy bright carpet!

Cabinet Pulls went on…

Here are some shots of the main areas right before we moved in.

Master Bathroom

Kitchen (still needs the final clean and a piece of crown moulding above the stove.) The dark paint color is Martha Stewart Zinc.

Family Room into the Hearth Room. This is a lighter gray – Martha Stewart Bedford Gray.

Family Room from the Dining Area

Exterior Shot

Finally, here’s a sneak peak at the landscaping they’ve been doing in the back yard. More of this to come!