The Addison in Stone Ridge – Available Now!
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It’s time for a little virtual tour of our newest completed home, The Addison, in the Stone Ridge neighborhood. This home is finished available to purchase and move-in anytime! To schedule an appointment to see it, or any of our other homes, email Becca or call her at 317-502-5588.


Let’s start outside! Modern farmhouses are definitely a go-to style right now and we designed this home to reflect that style!

It’s a little tough to see here, but there is a fantastic screened in porch in the back with a great view of the pond.

How cool are these lights over the garage?!

Moving inside to the front foyer. Just inside the front door, you’ll find the office on one side and a hallway to the hall bath and laundry room on the other.

The foyer itself is full of character with a tray ceiling trimmed with shiplap, and salvaged office doors.

We love the carpet in the office! You’ll find it again in the Master Closet.

Just inside the foyer is the Great Room. The shiplap continues in this room making an appearance on the fireplace and again on the ceiling. Both the ceiling and the fireplace are accented with beautiful wooden beams.

The double doors to the screened in back porch let in tons of natural light.

Open floor plans are important to most people and this plan definitely fits that bill. The dining area between the kitchen and Great Room is the perfect spot for a big farm table.

Now onto everyone’s favorite place…the kitchen!

Now a close up of a few features…


And, we can’t forget the pantry complete with a barn door and lots of shelving!

Moving into the laundry room, you’ll notice basket storage to keep things tidy built in underneath the folding table.

And, no mud room is complete without cubbies!

The main floor Master Bedroom is large with more natural light. The bathroom and master closet are just amazing!

Upstairs are three more bedrooms, a full bathroom, and a large (very large!) bonus room.

This certainly fits in the category of photo overload! The pictures do a great job of demonstrating some of the features of this home, but seeing it in person is definitely the best way to go!

Schedule an appointment today! Email Becca or call her at 317-502-5588. We’d love to see you!


Floor Plan & Selections Are Done! Now What?!
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Building a new home is a multi-step process. After you’ve finalized the floor plan and made all of your selections for your new home, your work is done, but ours is just beginning! Terri Sharrer, Customer Care Specialist with Joyner Homes, manages this process and has outlined it here. 

You’ve done the hard part and you’re excited to see progress at your new home. We know it can be a tough few weeks waiting to see something actually happening at your home site! Before we move the first piece of dirt, many things take place behind the scenes! Here are a few things we do to get your new home to the point where we can actually break ground…

After your home plan is complete, our engineering firm prepares a preliminary plot plan showing placement of your home on your lot based on a few things…

The engineer must also be mindful of all building set back requirements and easements which are different for each neighborhood. Also, methods of erosion control must be shown on the final plot plan.

Are you on city water and sewer? If so, they will locate the sewer lateral and water pit to be sure the driveway is not over the top of either of those.

Are you on a septic system? If so, soil borings will be completed. This is a technique used to survey soil by taking several shallow cores out of the sediment. It is used to find permeability of the soil to determine whether it will percolate sufficiently for an on-site septic systemBefore they test to see where the best placement for the septic to be located, be sure to let us know things like:

  1. Are you going to want a pool at some point?
  2. Will there be a patio directly behind or on the side of your home?
  3. Are you aware of any drain tile on the property in case a perimeter drain is required?

After the septic system is designed and approved, we can then get your septic permit.

Finally, the engineer will stake your lot to show where the house will be located. This is usually the first evidence of activity on your homesite!

This is an example of what a final plot plan looks like:











Depending on weather and scheduling, you may see the silt fence go up as part of the erosion control during this time!

While the plot plan is complete, we order engineered truss drawings which are usually required for a permit. We also request an energy design for your home. This is also required for permits as well as just good energy efficiency practice!

Sometimes, a driveway permit may be required before you can apply for a building permit. If it is required, we apply for a bond and mark the location of the driveway. Once the driveway location is marked, the inspector will check to make sure it meets the requirements of the local ordinances.

After we have the final plans, truss drawings, the energy report, the septic and driveway permits, and completed permit applications, we can then apply for the building permit – YEAH!!  This can take up anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on where your home site is located.

Once the permit is received, we begin to schedule everything to get started. We meet with our contractors, cross our fingers for nice and dry weather, and then start moving dirt at the site of your new home!

Whew!….Aren’t you glad we do all that for you??!!

Any questions about building a new home in Greenfield or Hancock County, Indiana? We’re happy to help! Email Us or Call Us at (317) 468.2330. Or, drop by our model home at 920 Forest Glen Drive, Greenfield, IN 46140. We’d love to tell you more!

Considering a Move? Start by Asking Why!
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A big thanks to Becca Steuer, our New Home Specialist, for writing a few tips on what to consider when deciding to move. Becca should know, as her family recently made the decision to build a new home with us! Read on for what she has to share…

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Often times, a current living situation is just not working and you may start to consider the idea of moving. Your head may start to spin with all the questions and information circling around. “What do I really want? Do I need 4 bathrooms? What about the fence—we must have a fence. A pool would be nice! I MUST get my kids separate sinks in their bathroom or we may be dealing with a much worse situation soon. My wife has an unfounded fear of tornadoes—therefore we need to move to a house that has a basement ‘for her safety.’” That last one may be a little too close to home for comfort… I do tend to lose my mind whenever there is a slight chance of severe weather. *blushing*

When you walk into our model home, our goal is to help you through some of those questions. Here are some things to consider that will help us guide you to the right home when you come and visit us…

What happened that has you thinking that now is the time to move?

This one is fairly simple, but could take some time to honestly admit. Did you recently add to your family, which now has everyone on top of each other and you just need some space for the large toys the kids keep accumulating from their generous grandparents during that stage? On the flip side, did you just move your last child into their own apartment and now there is a faint echo throughout the house when you’re talking to your spouse at night? Maybe a recent illness or injury or job change? Or, maybe it is as simple as the neighborhood just doesn’t suit your needs any longer. When you moved in it was perfect for you, but now it’s just not ideal for some reason. Sometimes, these things don’t just happen overnight, but can culminate when the neighbor’s lawn furniture is in your back yard again after a gust of wind. Finding this out about your situation will help you decide the next few items on the list.

What would I change about my current home/neighborhood?

This may seem repetitive, but hear us out. There was probably a moment in time when you decided, “THAT’S IT! WE’RE OUT OF HERE!” but I’m sure there are other things that, given the chance, you would never repeat in your future home. Sit down and list out the items in your current home or neighborhood that aren’t working. The bathroom is too small. The kitchen doesn’t have enough storage. The houses are too close together. Too many neighbors aren’t following covenants. Too many neighbors are enforcing covenants that are too strict. Covenants—people either love or hate them (and there is no wrong answer)! There is no storage space to be found in the home. After making this list, you will be armed with a list of attributes to avoid in your next home.

What do I envision for my future home?

Now for the fun part—we’ve all been there, sitting on the back porch, drifting off into “make believe land” where we imagine the perfect home. Sometimes, we go a little overboard as if we just won the Powerball, but most of the time they are items that are perfectly attainable. Dream! Take everything you just listed that you didn’t like and turn it into a new feature that would work for you. Are you addicted to cooking shows and you’ve always wanted a gas range so you could channel your inner Pioneer Woman? Or you’ve watched the DIY shows where they have the best possible garage set up with organizational cabinets and drawers everywhere for your tools and supplies, a TV mounted in the corner, and plenty of lighting. Your garage would become the envy of everyone that stepped foot inside. Or maybe it’s that you want to be surrounded by cornfields in the middle of the summer, laying outside in the hammock, listening to the wind as it whips through the stalks of corn. The sound and smell is unforgettable and could be coined “summer.”

More often than not, step one happens naturally—and sometimes that can sneak up on you pretty fast! Then you get left thinking—we have to get out of here—but you just don’t even know what you need or want. If you go through these steps as you ready yourself to start looking for your new home, you will be leaps and bounds ahead in the process. Buying a new home can be overwhelming at times, but knowing what it is you like and don’t like will help ease the anxiety. We’re here to guide you through that process to make sure you’re thinking through all of those important things!

If you’re ready to learn more, come and visit us at our model home in Summerset. Or, contact Becca at 317-502-5588 or Or, to walk through a few more questions, complete the Customer Worksheet and we will be in touch with you to talk through your ideas!