Home Redefined: Part 1
Home Redefined: Part 1
August 18, 2017    POSTED IN  HomeNewsSummerset

Dear Lexi….

“I expect to have a bright future that gives you hope and reassurance that the bad is behind you and there is nothing holding you back. I expect us to make new and wonderful memories. I expect us to have something to be proud of. I expect to have a home that is our happy place. I love that we will have a home that is a little bit of both of us.”  – Jenn


Jenn and Lexi are a high energy, creative, adventurous, fearless mother daughter duo. We have the honor of building their dream home in Summerset and we are just as excited as they are! They are a blast to work with, have great style and even better personalities. We never know what to expect when they walk through our doors and we love it! If you haven’t met these two, you should!

We want to capture their building experience through a blog series and share it with you. They have a very special story and relationship. So, let’s take this first entry as a chance to learn a little bit about them and what they want in their home from their perspective.


{choosing adoption}

“I have always said I thought I might adopt; before I was even close to being ready for kids. I thought I would have kids the “old fashioned” way and then adopt, too. Over time, my career was always a priority and I never really found Mr. Right. At 30, I started thinking I needed to do something to be a Mom, even if it was just me. I gave EVERY option careful consideration and I finally decided there were many kids that were right here in our back yard who needed loving homes. So, I decided to go through the foster care system. At 35, I started the process to become a licensed foster parent. I was never really a “baby person” so I went in thinking I would adopt a 4 or 5 year old. Little did I expect an 11 year old to be my first and only child.


{how did you find each other}

Jenn – “I received a call at 8:30 on a Monday night from the on call case worker from Madison County asking me to drive to Anderson and pick up an 11 year old girl. Didn’t know her. Didn’t know the family. Didn’t know anything about her, her situation, her history, etc. I went in blind and with a leap of faith. Needless to say I got zero sleep that night and a few future nights, because I had a complete stranger in my home who in no way shape or form trusted me and to be fair I was a bit hesitant on who was in my home and if she would even stay. Willingly or otherwise.”

Lexi – “I thought mom was really young and very pretty.”



Jenn – “I’m not sure what expectations I really had. I do know that whatever I thought is NOT what I got. Good, bad easy, hard. Every range of emotion. Every ounce of self-reflection. Everything is raw and intense. Everything is done on a scale of 1 to 10 and you feel like you are living at a 110. I’m sure a lot of that is because I chose to be a single parent to a pre-teen girl. I would consider that whatever you believe in, it has a plan for you. Adoption takes you in a direction and takes you so far out of your comfort zone that you question what in the world am I doing? I would never say I question my decision to adopt, but I do question what I am doing as a parent frequently. HA! We are all raised a certain way and we mold our parenting style to what we liked, didn’t like, etc. Now take that, Lexi, who has been influenced and molded in such an opposite manner than you that you don’t know what to do. Keep in mind they came from the foster system, so their “normal” is not typical or comfortable to you. Now take years of habitats to change, mold, modify, break in many instances while also building trust, love, etc. Your expectations at that point are really a moot point.”

Lexi – “A better home and a safe place to be. A place to sleep without being scared and having a dog of my own.”


{deciding to build}

Jenn – “I had thought I would build a new home after she graduated high school. Downsize, build a ranch, etc. Due to many factors, we decided to move to Greenfield a bit earlier than planned. Together, we thought it would be exciting to build a new house together. It wasn’t an easy decision, but despite all of the challenges that come with our past five years together, we both LOVE an adventure. Be it random trips on a Sunday to an unknown ice cream shop three hours away. Back roads to get to our favorite hot dog stand. Vacation time. If it could be turned into an adventure, we will roll down the windows, blare some music and make an adventure out of it. I mean the fact that we have each other has been an adventure in and of itself. So why not add another one to the mix. HA!”


{finding Joyner homes}

Jenn – “We found Joyner Homes by doing lots and lots of research. But in a very simplistic answer, driving around Greenfield and searching the Internet.”


{choosing Joyner homes}

Jenn – “I really like the style of homes Joyner’s build. I love the custom concept without the custom sticker shock. I liked how I met with Tom at that very beginning. I loved how they were and still are VERY accommodating to involve and include Lexi. I love the team and feel like they truly do care about the home they are building for us and for us to be happy.”


{new home expectations}

Jenn – “I love that we will have a home that is a little bit of both of us. The house we moved from was “done” when Lexi moved in. Her room was the only thing that really changed and even that was only so much. It was a small room and what we did when she was 11 is very different than what a high schooler wants. I expect to have new and wonderful memories. I expect to have something to be proud of. This is a lot of house (so much for downsizing) that is a step up for us. I expect to have a bright future that gives Lexi hope and reassurance that the bad is behind her and there is nothing holding her back. I expect to have a home that is our happy place. I know she is excited about the kitchen, but I hope she doesn’t expect me to become a master chef!!! But I can make some impressive spaghetti and brownies. HA!”

Lexi – “Having a better school to go to and improve my education. Learning the true meaning of friends and family. A great home to start new memories in. Having a GREAT room. My old room was ok, but this one will be what I want and maybe the exact way I want it! I am very excited about the kitchen too!!!!”


Stay tuned as we move on to the next phase of their home building process!